About Us

The Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) is an action-oriented advocacy group that promotes free trade, economic growth and pro-consumer policies across the world. We are passionate in the defense of individual rights and the interests of consumers. CAGP is a project of the Institute for Liberty, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to preserving individual rights, protecting entrepreneurship worldwide, and promoting prosperity both in America and abroad.


All too often in discussions about economic and geopolitical policy today, the voices and interests of consumers are ignored or left behind. Powerful business, ideological and bureaucratic interests advance their agendas at the expense of individual consumers.

CAGP believes that American manufacturers and American small businesses are best served by a global trading environment that gives them access to the greatest range of materials and goods, at prices which allow them to remain competitive. This benefits those thirsting for prosperity abroad, and creates jobs for working families here in America. Consumers can create jobs here, AND create jobs abroad!

Economic growth powered by the free exchange of goods and ideas by consumers operating in open and competitive markets is the surest way to prosperity. Uncompetitive business practices, collusion, illegal trade barriers, unfair labor regulation, bureaucratic red tape and other obstacles too often thwart the long-run interest of the consumer. This results in higher prices or outright barriers to access for consumers who are denied the right to, as Adam Smith put it, “truck, barter and exchange” as they see fit.

For too long, well-connected businesses and radical advocacy groups have elevated their narrow commercial or ideological interests ahead of the average consumer. CAGP will speak for the consumer; defend his rights and interests to around the world. No longer will consumers be a silent majority whose concerns are swept aside by the greed and narcissism of organized labor, big business, or radical environmental groups.

The Human Element

Human well-being is advanced when consumers are empowered. A consumer who is able to exercise his liberty and privileges in a free marketplace is a person whose dignity and autonomy are respected. All too often today, special interests work tirelessly to weaken and disable the ability of consumers to make choices for themselves and to exercise their hard-won rights.

When the tussle of politics pushes the consumer to the side, it is not some abstract harm. The imperatives of justice and fairness demand that governments, businesses and NGOs respect consumers’ rights. Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity advances economic growth and liberty to vanquish the inhuman poverty that ensnares too many millions of our fellow men and women.

Prosperity may not be the birthright of mankind. But when the means to prosperity present themselves – in the form of trade, technology, commerce, and entrepreneurship – it is deeply injurious to human liberty and the inherent worth of the individual to deny him that path to a better life. CAGP will make sure the consumer is at the forefront of the economic and moral concerns of society.

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